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November 27, 2014

The Bliss Of An Empty Elevator

I was thinking the other day about the dichotomy of riding in an elevator. Riding in a crowded one or even with just a few people or one other person can be an awkward experience. It can make for a most uncomfortable journey from one floor to another. But there are times though when it can be blissful, like the times when you step out of a noisy office, or you just want a few moment alone, or you just want to close your eyes for a few seconds and you are lucky enough to find an elevator to yourself. You press the floor you want, the doors close, and for a few short moments, you are in your own world; a world that is quiet as you feel the elevator transporting you; a gentle motion not unlike maybe when you ride the train home from work or when you are traveling in an airplane. Soon enough however, the door opens and you re-enter the real world and you leave your own personal elevator world behind until next time.