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November 28, 2014

Stock Footage

I was watching an old movie the other night or maybe it was a television show; I wasn’t paying much attention. However I did notice some stock footage being used and it struck me as enlightening. Stock footage is often seen in movies or television shows. It is often used to establish a place where the action of the film is supposedly taking place. Many times it sticks out like a sore thumb because it might be grainy or not have the same quality of the other portions of the show. Of course the scenes that aren’t stock footage are usually being done in a studio somewhere. Stock footage is beneficial to filmmakers as it saves them from shooting new material. You might be watching something today with a clip in it that you may find in a totally different program weeks or years later. Sometimes, the powers that be may use same old stock footage because they don’t want to make the effort or to have the expense to find something that might be different, so you wind up seeing the same images over and over. The enlightening part to me was how much our lives are like stock footage. We go into the warehouse or the office, we talk to the same people, we perform the same tasks over and over again. One day looks pretty much looks like another. If you were to film this it would seem like stock footage. If you watched it later you couldn’t tell one day or time from another. It would make for a very unexciting feature film.