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October 1, 2013


October 1, 1961 was the day that Roger Maris hit his 61st home run to break the all-time home run record held then by Babe Ruth. Maris had been locked in a tight race with media hero and the more popular Mickey Mantle to break the record. Maris was quiet, kept to himself, and did not particularly like the attention that the reporters who covered the team on a daily basis gave him. The reporters and indeed many fans were disappointed that it was Maris and not the popular, back-slapping Mantle who achieved the feat. Yet it was Maris who persevered and did what some thought was impossible. Maris stayed true to himself and although unpopular among many, still holds what many feel is still the true major league season home run record to this day. The Dao is not the popular choice either, but it is equally rewarding for those who stay the course.