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September 29, 2013

Nobody Knows

Friday, September 29, 1913. Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the engine that still bears his name to this day, disappears from the steamship Dresden while traveling from Antwerp, Belgium to Harwick, England. Was he swept over the side by a large wave, did he decide to end his life, or was it something more sinister? No one knew for sure but a few weeks later his body is spotted in the water. An investigation is launched but the results are inconclusive. Most experts believe it to have been a suicide, but others believe that Diesel was murdered and to this day the mystery continues and most likely will never be solved. Likewise, the mystery of the Dao will never be solved. The scholars can spend all the time they want on it, but it will not be time spent wisely. The Dao is to be experienced, not analyzed.