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August 30, 2011

Our House

There is a feeling of contentedness and stability that I gain merely from spending the day inside the house. I enjoy spending a day reading, meditating, or just doing nothing. Whether one sleeps late or rises early, a day around the house is a day well spent especially if you can spend it alone. It is our place. It is where at the end of a hard day’s work, or just a day spent lazing around, we can look around and think that this is what it is all for. Our house can be a quiet sanctuary away from all the turmoil and noise. Perhaps you can use some candles and incense to create a tranquil and spiritual environment. If you live in an apartment can cannot use those, use some soft lights and electric candles. Relaxing soft music can set the mood as well. Let your home not be just a place to exist, but a place to heal.