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May 1, 2011

Town Of No Return

Each day we visit a town of no return. This town is the town of now. The moments pass and we move on the next village. There is no going back. We cannot resurrect the past no matter how hard we wish to. Sometimes we may get lost in the daydreams of revisiting past places, past experiences, warm memories, reacquainting with people of the past. It can be fun to look back but like driving, we must look ahead or we will crash. It is essential we make the most of each visit that we make. If we live in the past, we are cheating the present. Perhaps many of us spend too much time looking back when we should be looking ahead. There are new towns to visit, new things to see and explore. The good old days were good but they are old and gone. Seeking refuge and comfort in them only facilitates more suffering in the now. Seek instead to begin anew as a fresh day begins with the rising of the sun.