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May 2, 2011

If I Were A Snowflake

The Tao is a river, you and I are but a droplet of water. The Tao is a mountain and we are a snowflake. We can be part of an avalanche out of control or we can land softly on the branch of a towering tree. Contrary to what many think, we decide which it will be. Those who ignore the teachings of the Tao find themselves caught up in the rush down the mountain, spiraling out of control and lost in the chaos. Those who understand the Way quietly observe, stay out of the way, and survive. Insignificant, yet significant. A piece of the puzzle. You are part of Tao and it is a part of you. Give up frustrating pursuits and ideas. Let go of the teachings that promote the anti-Tao. Just be and find harmony all around you. It is that simple. We are programmed to think otherwise.