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May 3, 2011

Cycle Not Crisis

The night is followed by the day, which in turn, is followed by the night again. Day and night adjusting to accommodate for each other. Take the case of a middle aged man who buys a sports car or motorcycle. Immediately, most people see this as a ‘mid-life crisis’ suggesting that he is struggling with coming to grips with his advancing age; and in some cases it may be but is it always? Perhaps the man enjoyed sports cars and motorcycles as a young man. This young man then married and had children. Sports cars, motorcycles, and children do not blend well together so the man gives up these likes and sells them, perhaps exchanging them for a family car or a minivan. Once the children have become of age and moved on to their own independent lives, the man feels the urge to once again motor around in a sleek sports car or cruise about on a new motorcycle. In this circumstance, there is no ‘mid-life’ crisis, only night changing into day and then back into night as is natural. So before one makes a judgment about who is having a crisis, it may be wise to consider the natural ways of Tao.