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October 19, 2010

A Quiet Mind

When mind is quiet, there is harmony. There can be no quiet with a cacophony of noise going on. Cannot hear delicate sound of flute if brass section is playing fortissimo. Mind is often agitated not only by outside sources but from own creation. We feel tired, disrespected, unworthy, depressed, manic, angry, and most unfortunate list goes on and on. If this is not enough, we get ’help’ from co-workers, strangers, supposed friends, family, and alike.

Agitation can be minimized by meditation. Just sitting quietly and focusing on breath or surroundings reduces agitation and calms mind. No formal pose needed. You can sit on ground outside and observe nature, you can sit in room with candle and incense, you can sit in quiet room, or you can listen to calming music, you can sit on floor or in chair, whatever, this is your meditative world and you can do whatever you want to.

Like noble racehorse, sometimes beneficial to put on blinders. This keeps distractions to a minimum and allows horse to run properly. If we want our horse to finish in the money, we must take good care of it. It must be fed properly, have the right amount of exercise, and have a nice stable to live in.

It is vital to keep focus on the important things in our life. Must keep ship on proper course and not be pulled into different directions by other people or things. Another problem is creating divisions in mind. Divisions prevent oneness. If red paint is on one side of tray, and blue paint is on other side of tray and divider is in middle separating them, they cannot create most beautiful purple hue.

Creating divisions not conducive to peace. Break down walls that cause internal strife. Everything is what it is. Sorting and classifying things according to wants creates barriers that block flow of harmony. Aim to be like boat that cleaves water. Do not meet wave head on but direct the force elsewhere. Wise captain avoids churning waters and sets sail for calm seas. Red at night, sailor’s delight. Red in the morning, sailor’s warning. When ocean is rough, wise crew seeks to find quieter part of ocean to sail. Seek quiet part of the ocean in your mind.