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October 15, 2010

On Seeking Admiration

Often we seek admiration of others. Stop striving after admiration. Tao does what it does and does not look to be admired. Great painter (perhaps Cezanne) once said “I do not paint for the admiration of idiots.” Stop looking to be accepted by the crowd. If you want to be admired, you will cease trying to be so. If mind is thinking “I want to be admired”, it cannot do what is admirable. Adoration will come if deeds and words are pure and not tainted by self-interest.

What is admired today may be cast away tomorrow. A black and white television was once greatly admired. As things changed technologically, it became obsolete and was no longer desired. What is popular now can be unpopular in the twist of a whim. Admiration is like person who owes money to you. They may or may not show up. Do not count on it.

Those who seek company of fame often find themselves alone. Admire yourself. Give yourself credit for who you are. We all have imperfections, live with them. A professional baseball umpire once told me “An umpire is expected to be perfect on day one and then show constant improvement.” We can aim for constant improvement by following words and ways of Tao without worrying about perfection. Trying to be perfect is not realistic goal. Why not meet with success instead of failure? Set bar to height that challenges but can be reached.

To seek acceptance and admiration from others is never ending search. Everybody loves you until new kid in town shows up. Aim for lasting appeal in own mind, not for latest flavor of the month. Self-esteem is just that. It is born inside, cultivated, and then it brings great contentment. Low self-esteem great cause of human suffering. Be one with Tao and acceptance from others becomes unimportant.