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October 15, 2010


The Tao is beyond words and beyond mind, simply be aware of the oneness of things. When one rests head on pillow, one does not think about where pillow was made, what it is made of, and so on. One just enjoys softness. We need a soft practice too. If our practice is too hard, it becomes rigid and inflexible. Flexibility is key to survival like tree in wind that bends with gusts. When practice becomes too hard, mind closes to new experiences. Mind like parachute must be open to work best. When experiencing Tao, let concepts go and just fix mind resting on current moment.

If ancients could not describe Tao in detail, how can we hope to? It is far beyond span of tiny human mind. Tao does not need to be described. Some things so great cannot be described. Can one describe orgasm properly? To try to describe Tao only cheapens the gift of it.

We are a tiny brick in a wall of universe. Yet, all bricks are connected by mortar of Tao. When all bricks are connected, there is great strength. Up to us to use this strength for good. Unfortunately, most believe they are most important brick and that weakens mind. A weak mind cannot follow path properly. It keeps deviating from course. Unsteady captain makes reaching proper port iffy.

We all breathe the same air, dwell under the same sun and moon. That is the essence. No need to reinvent wheel or fix what is not broke. No need to sweat doing cerebral gymnastics. Exercising is good but too much exercise causes fatigue and pain. Too much thinking always ruins things. Do your thing and rest. Nothing more needs to be done.