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October 13, 2010

Look Into Mirror, Look Into Mind

People sometimes say world is mean or angry place. Only meanness and anger present comes from petty mind of human. World not angry, are stars angry? Moon? Are rivers and oceans full of hate? Stop blaming world and look to real culprit.

Do not play the part of victim. That is easy to do and is done far too often by general population. Do not make excuses. “I could if only…I would but…It is not my fault…” Take responsibility. Be accountable to yourself. There are enough people looking to victimize you, do not help them out by being ready, willing, and able to play part in most unfortunate play.

People used to take pride in being best they can. Now look at television, books. People take pride in advertising their dysfunctional problems to everyone. Shame is lost art. People churning up anger in their own minds by themselves and their own actions. Look into mirror, look into mind. People generate enough meanness on their own, universe does not need to collaborate. The world is a place where great peace can be found. We need only stop shooting selves in foot to walk in it.