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October 26, 2010

All Is Sacred

To a follower of the Tao, all is sacred. The entire world and universe is a temple. Show respect to this great temple. Learn from walking inside of it. Walk on its grass with grace. The oceans are pews and the stars are an alter.Most unfortunate to think otherwise and think that man has created the sacred with his trivialities he has invented.

Man gets trapped in his own beliefs and not in truths of the universe. What makes one material thing holy and another unholy? Only the insignificant mind of man. No one can rightly belief that all of Tao is not sacred. Who can argue with the source of all?

The creations of the Tao are more inspiring than anything man can come up with. They are pure in spirit and nature, not created to control the minds of others. Tao is the ultimate. It is what everything else funnels through. Without Tao, there can be nothing else. Tao is the absolute guru that we should be devoted to.