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October 6, 2010

Japanese Garden

In Japanese garden, walking stones are always misshapen which requires one to look down at ground to insure sure footing. This simile for being humble and not holding head too high, i.e. thinking too much of oneself. Beautiful garden teaches most worthwhile lesson.

A Japanese garden is a garden that seeks to re-create nature on a small garden-sized scale. Through its creator’s choice and placement of plants, it is meant to suggest elements of nature, a sense of motion, and passage of time. Japanese gardens usually use Shinto or Zen elements. Very common to see rocks as symbols for mountains or pebbles, gravel raked in lines symbolizing ripples.

In my back yard, I have small rock garden with Buddha head and ‘temple’ made of several concrete blocks I acquired over time. I have another ‘garden’ , this one with medium size stones set in a rectangular area with leaves and pine needles. Not traditional Japanese garden but very beautiful. On side of house, have large area thick with small trees and palms. Within this area, a Buddha statue, logs of wood from cut down dead tree serve as marker decorations. Also lovely bamboo wind chime.

I incorporate elements of Tao. Water, wood, metal, earth. Fire represented by incense holders. Now that weather is finally cooling off, I can sit in these areas. I find them very relaxing and a great place to meditate. If you have room, may want to consider building your own. It is relatively inexpensive and you can be very creative.