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October 6, 2010

Cold Shower Of Truth

Man spends great deal of time trying to avoid or thinking somehow he can avoid inevitable. Aging, sickness, dying, change; these are all unavoidable. The Tao tells us this. Instead of wasting time on the useless, it might be wise to learn how to take these things gracefully.

There is certain point in our life when we realize we are closer to our death than we are to our birth, but what can one do about it? Our bodies fall prey to sickness, they refuse to listen to our pleas. We see in mirror our bodies falling victim to Father Time. These things all tie into change. Learning to accept change and the results are what makes one wise and at peace.

Not contemplating inevitable leads to cold shower of truth later. Better to understand and accept. This way, harmony and peace can be found. There is no true harmony or peace in digging head in sand like noble ostrich, only illusion.