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October 7, 2010

Stop Wasting Time

Man is only creature in the world that knows he is going to die. Therefore, man has responsibility to live to best of ability and stop wasting time on foolishness. Big problem often result of thinking you have time.

Most important to stop putting off things of importance. Animals go about their daily lives just concentrating on living. They do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Man too often worries about same to point of not living fully in present. What would happen if we just lived and not spent so much time wasting it on trivialities?

With the gift we have, we owe it to ourselves to make most of it. So unfortunate that many fail to see this. Life most precious. Old saying; “Now is called present because it is a gift.” Good idea to ask oneself “What am I doing.” repeatedly. This helps us remain and focus on present moment.