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June 13, 2024

The Hepcat

back up to a metal fence

weeds and vines

watching them go by

slow and fast

boxcars, tankers, gondolas, car transporters, flatbeds

red, blue, black, orange, green

silver, brown, and gray

one after another, after another, after another

stacker trains

looking like a mondrian painting

perfect composition/use of palette

brown bag friend to accompany me

keep me occupied during slow times

sit here better part of the day

that had sunshine, clouds, rain, then snow

saw a cool cat

crossing bnsf railroad tracks 

one late rainy friday night

a hepcat no doubt about it

a real hipster he was

he oozed hip

up on the latest jazz and fashions

he was probably a cool cat he was

sauntering over to his next gig

where he be blowin’ sax

late into blues soaked night

one coooool cat with coolness to burn for

all the lady cats waiting for him

after the show 

heads back to the station

hops the westbound 

for that place in kansas city

where he’s doing two weeks 

before that tour of japan

I wish I was in that cat’s paws