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April 23, 2024

Your Way

Don’t think your way is the only way, or the best way, merely that it is your way. Your way is your way. Have it your way, not somebody else’s. There are ten ways up the mountain. Some of which are paths that can't be seen from the valley. They all get to the top. Take your time. Hike your hike. Ride with care on your funky mountain bike.

Some have an understanding so great, it’s not understood. Sometimes when you stop trying to understand, you will understand. Without understanding, you understand. No need to say a word. If you know, you know. Zoom by and pass go. Often, it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.  

We don’t all need to go the same way. Let others go their own way. If they get there they get there. You got enough to think about. Make sure you stay on your path. Make sure you get there. It all ends up the same way. All rivers lead to the ocean. All roads lead to Rome. Life is a dream walking. Death is going home.