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April 27, 2024

That Was Then

some things are better left unsaid

cups on red

1 2 3 look at me

a curtain of uncertainty 

you’re not going to the shopping mall

you just sitting in an empty hall

your eyes are in a criss cross

your mind now just applesauce 

you used to play the music loud

waving arms with the crowd 

but now it’s all long gone

you’ve forgotten the words to that song

that’s the way it sometimes goes

now side by side with only those

that do not know, that do not care

that you once wore flowers in your hair 

once sang for love, sang for peace

marched with throngs in the streets

sat in full lotus, did your zen 

but this is now, that was then

now you’re just a curiosity 

not half the soul you used to be

lonesome living in your tiny room

and feel the bristles of the broom

sweeping you into the black dustpan

to be tossed away now only sand

all you can do is stare at the wall

oh the irony of it all