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April 8, 2024


Turn off the lights. Maybe maybe burn some hypnotic incense, or a candle. Sit quietly. Let your mind decompress, unwind, loosen up. Unravel and disentangle. Find a rhythm that relaxes you and let it play. Go for walks at night and look at the moon. Look at the stars and the constellations. See the planets. They see you, yes they do.

Who can guess where a snowflake will fall until it touches the ground? Who knows when and where the next raindrop will fall? Voices can be heard in the whispering winds. When the pines sigh and the leaves on the maples shake, it is speaking to us. Communications and communiques in beautiful language of nature 

Let things flow within you as naturally as the water flows down the mountain. Into the creeks and rivers and all the way to the sea. Let the rocks and trees and seas and mountains be your anchor. If you understand the love letters sent by the rain, the wind, the sun, and the snow, there is no need to read anything else. Real teaching don’t come from a dusty book.