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April 11, 2024


where I’m going? what?

crunching leaves meditation hut

haven’t used much lately 

sauna in the summer

cooler temperatures are here 

I’ll use it more to hide

from the world/from everybody

there’s lizard poop, maybe rat poop

the rats don’t come in there much anymore 

since I removed the doors 

they prefer a private room

knew we had something in common

some leaves in there from last year or years further past

some new ones from this year WELCOME!

old jar of incense bought at a Chinese store downtown

it must have had like 100,000 sticks in it

been using them for years and there’s still a lot left

dented and patinaed tin of candles and matches

couple shelves where some antique tools used to hangout

now gone to that great toolbox in the sky

old broom worn down practically to the nubs

soon to be swept away itself 

I once waved it at a black bear who surprised me

while I pretended I was in deep silence 

fortunately he wasn’t too big or menacing 

high-tailing it over a fence

spiders and snakes crawl and slither by

opossums meander past

squirrels jumping branch to branch

in the big oaks and pines 

some dead wood on the roof I leave for decoration