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January 25, 2024

No Last Words

came home; time to eat supper
a TV dinner with some television

fall asleep in that big old brown chair in the den 

got up early he did

wwII veteran; pacific theater 

played in a few golf tournaments

didn’t talk about much that stuff much

he really didn’t say much at all really 

getting information from him was like pulling teeth 

everybody in the family got tired of playing dentist 

he was handy though 

could fix about anything 

air conditioners, transmissions, you name it

made strange comments sometimes 

like saying I probably wouldn’t come to his funeral 


don’t know where he got that idea

maybe a flash of an odd sense of humor…

rarely revealed 

or a heartfelt statement… 

rarely revealed 

was offered early retirement and took it

died a couple years later of a heart attack 

playing golf, 17th hole, made a birdie

then keeled over

in keeping with tradition 

no last words