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January 31, 2024

A Room With A View

a small room next to the den
with a foldable door for privacy

a recipe of wood paneling and flooring 

 a Zenith tv — a ticking wall clock time bomb

window to the world guarded by maple tree

a window to the backyard 

where I could almost touch big maple tree 

if I stuck my arm out the window 

in fall, I’d make a wish whenever a brightly 

colored leaf would glide through the cooling air

falling to the soft grass below 

they never came true

at night in bed, window open 

feeling the cool october breeze

hearing the rumble of the big trucks

through the darkness out of Chicago 

or rolling towards the city

when older pretending I was Thoreau

in my little one room cabin

with just enough space for a twin bed 

a desk for writing diaries or short stories 

no fireplace 

when I became a man of the world

a bon vivant 

I moved to the basement 

warm in winter, cool in summer 

and a place to hide from tornadoes in summer

and strangers in the night