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July 14, 2023

The Passing Of Time

I said “Mind your own business “ and she said “It is my business”
I suddenly felt like we were talking in movie clich├ęs

which we do quite often because frankly it’s more interesting that way

she said the smoke from the incense I was burning was bothering her

and it was hazardous; all this while putting seemingly a pound of sugar in her coffee

her life seemed to be one of sand castles, balloons, and rainbows…

at least in front of the curtain

she was always careful not to let you see behind it

she once told me angrily “you think you sound so smart!” 

I told her I couldn’t help it if my vernacular was impeccable

which further infuriated her; I just laughed

she’s the type who’ll be fashionably late to her own funeral

I must have some Swiss precision in me; always prompt 

exasperated, she once asked me if I always had to be on time

I rolled my eyes and said, “Sorry, it’s a bad habit of mine.”

when we go to an event (late as always), she fumes about the parking

and how far away we have to park the car (really? whodathunk?)

I have some south american relatives who run on south american time

3 means 530 or 6, 6 means 9ish, etc

dinner at 8 means it gets served at 10 on a good night

we went to a dancing show that was supposed to end around 1 am

that’s when it got started, we got out about 4 am

good luck getting a taxi at that hour