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July 10, 2023

Don't Change That Channel

channeling is used to relay messages directly
from a spiritual source

first, usually the medium meditates and goes into a trance

through the medium by indirect voice during a seance

their voice takes on the sound of the deceased - spooky

when the medium is trying to contact the world beyond

or as in automatic writing

that’s when one starts writing things

with no thought on their own

it’s a direct message from somebody of the great beyond

maybe some kind of warning

those messages are said to come from those who are from the spirit world...i.e. dead

there is great belief in paranormal things

despite what the naysayers say nay nay nay

a lot of these ‘mediums’ are frauds

but surely some of them are real

in touch with the spirit world

my grandparents used to have seances at their house

which was right across from a large cemetery

they’d turn the lights down

light candles

claimed to be ‘in touch’ with spirits

but I was young, I don’t know

but it was definitely different

than what most grandparents did

and I thought it was cool even if nothing actually happened