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June 16, 2023

Hammer, Hammer, Hammer

I think his end could accurately be attributed to death from Miss Adventure
she was a high maintenance ball buster for sure

we spend so much of our lives killing time and then it’s time that kills us

the poetry reading last night was a fiasco on so many levels, yet strangely it somehow worked

pass the wine, say the verse, break the curse

rain falling the silhouette of a lamppost 

circles in puddles and lightning in the sky

hidden away in a bungalow basement trying to escape from the world 

nowhere to go, no place to hide, it always finds you

then much to his chagrin, he found his favorite coffee shop out of business 

this was grounds for insanity

just his luck, he made a wrong turn at the bus depot and ran into a conundrum

coming the other way right at him

rain drips off the awning and falls into the broken jaws of a sidewalk

hammer, hammer, hammer

vodka brought out a jovial side of her not often seen

not the real her though, it was the smirnoff talking so don’t get too excited

some money in his wallet for a change was conducive to enjoying the evening 

not having to rely on the generosity of friends or strangers for that matter

I’ve known downtime and down times; ready for some uptimes

taking the escalator up up and away into the clouds

I try not to think, I try to experience 

I’m just a camera taking it all in

the food wasn’t very good, but the atmosphere was five-star

fun but expensive

every day is yet another masquerade 

just be you and you’ve won the day

negativity is like an influenza that spreads

and I’m sick of it

What say you O Learned One?

what are your thoughts peerless leader???

where is your spirit of adventure? surely you have not grown too old to have any

or has it caught the last plane for the west coast