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July 7, 2022

Paranormal 4

Have you ever walked into a room you’ve never been in but felt you’ve been there before; maybe you hear something that you feel you’ve heard before…eerie isn’t it ???...that phenomenon is known as déjà vu and many people have experienced such a thing but as to why…that is unknown

Metempsychosis is a term referring to transmigration of the soul, primarily its reincarnation after death…it is the idea that, when a person dies, their soul is transferred into another body. It could be a troubled soul bent on vengeance. There have been times when this old soul takes over the mind and body of the new one and acts out in ways that are incongruent with the way one normally behaves. This can lead to most unfortunate consequences.

It’s been said that the astral body is a spiritual counterpart to the physical body that exists on a different plane…Plato was one of the first who pondered about the concept. The astral body is said to be the way of carrying the soul from the physical body into higher realms. It may be how we experience dreams among other things.

The word poltergeist is German for ‘noisy ghost’ and it is a type of ghost or other type of supernatural entity which is responsible for physical disturbances…things such as objects moving around or maybe even destroying items as well as true to its name, loud noises

Presence...hard to define, it is just a feeling; sometimes comforting, sometimes disturbing. We can be touched by a presence even if we cannot see what it is that is ‘touching’ us. This can be a possible ghostly presence or merely spirit-like in nature.

People who have extrasensory perception are said to be uncanny ability to foretell future events. Skeptics doubt it, but there’s no denying such precognitive actions have occurred; not just once, i.e. a shot in the dark, but people who have demonstrated the ability of doing it many times. I personally have sensed a bridge collapse, and other less dramatic events. No one can tell me that ESP isn’t real.