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July 21, 2022

Paranormal 7

Aokigahara in Japan is an eerie isolated area by Mt. Fuji, and has acquired the ominous name of The Suicide Forest due to the large number of suicides that have occurred there over the years. The forest is said to be haunted by restless spirits of the dead and why wouldn’t it be?

Do animals have psychic ability? Some are quick to say no, but
others believe it to be true. Cases have been reported for example of animals modifying their behavior under certain conditions, such as before earthquakes or tsunamis. What is it that they sense? What say you?

Crisis apparition describes a situation in which a deceased person a.k.a a ghost, makes an appearance within seconds or hours of a crisis such as a serious accident or sudden illness to comfort the person in peril. Many people have reported this occurring.

A pendulum in divination circles describes the method of a crystal for example attached to a string that hangs over letters to answer a yes or no question usually. The movements of the string are studied after a few simple questions and then ‘answers’ are deduced to usually yes or no questions.

Psychometry is the ability to receive psychic impressions and discern information about someone or something by touching an object(s) associated with the person or the thing. Believers say that practically everything has an ‘energy field’ associated with it and that can be ‘read’ by those with such powers.

An occult expert is usually a member of the intelligentsia, who makes detailed studies of the occult. The word occultist has a Latin meaning, meaning "clandestine or knowledge of the hidden." These kinds of learned individuals usually have an academic belief in the occult sciences.