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May 30, 2022

Mysterious Aircraft

mysterious aircraft in the sky flashing your red lights
coming from someplace going somewhere with somebody aboard

engine purring at 22,000 feet 555 miles per hour

disappearing into the darkness

were you spying on me?

satellite images to be shared with the authorities 

star flashing bright then losing its light

venus so bright tonight, are you trying to tell us something from way over there?

like stay away because you like the peace

I don’t blame you for that at all

a billion stars in the sky…which one of you is my lucky one?

seems to me you haven’t been doing your job

this is gonna look bad on your annual review

everything has a formula; I think even chaos has a formula

written down on some spiral notebook paper and stuffed into its back pocket

might be faded having gone through the wash but it’s there

it’s a night of crazy poets sitting on a park bench babbling 

some incomprehensible nonsense in the late twilight of a night

I don’t wanna know the truth anymore, I just wanna be happy

tell me what I wanna hear or don’t speak at all