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March 19, 2022

Paris Bohemian

got an old one bedroom
crumbly old brick place dark red

bonaparte avenue south paris

no chateau but it’ll do

old school raggy curtains

do some writing and some researching

at the Moulin Rouge

check out local art galleries 

je bon bon bon 

my french is not so good, no?

some coffee shops modigliani probably hung out at

spilling coffee on his artwork 

original plan was to pay for a couple months

stay a couple months; than skip out

but the landlady is this gray haired nice old madame

who’s always bringing me cafe

croissants and occasionally some wine

so I can’t do that to her

but now I gotta make some more money

best option is selling a few paintings I could do

cityscapes like ny, chicago, san francisco to the locals

some eiffel tower paintings to the tourists

if that’s even an option at all

probably going to have to wash some dishes

after escargot and brie has been on them

remnants of a pastry washed down by a glass of kir