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March 22, 2022

Night of Bop

saturday night taxi from the fancy hotel with the marble lobby
that oozes ice from its veins

to the club on the westside that stays open till 5

never say cab! so says my taxi driver friend

dirty yellow door opens

couple of friends playing tonight, one on piano

a Fats Waller aficionado

one on sax, maybe a young Gene Ammons type; smooth

upbeat stuff for the upbeat upscale crowd

dance floor if you’re one of those (I’m not)

hard bop, be bop, insane bop, bop till you drop

if you bring your cares, leave them at the door

no downers here tonight charlie just a positive vibe

congas thumping along brazilian style like

horns blasting dynamite caps going off

drums thumping like jackhammers jack

people wall to wall, hall to hall

standing room only seats available

a line eight or nine deep at the bar, sad!

dancers more like silver pinballs bumping and rebounding

lights flashing, bells ringing off but nobody seems to mind

4 am and the crowd starts thinning out but the band plays on

where should we go now?

it’s not late, it’s just midnight someplace

there’s another club open somewhere