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March 13, 2022

Lakeside Dining

invited to fancy restaurant, lacy grandma tablecloths, velvet chairs like versailles
window seat to see the green/blue lake

colored sailboats undoubtedly captained by sir francis chichester

bernard moitessier or robin knox-johnson 

drifting by green/blue sky

sit by the window or you might as well be in any restaurant they say

waitress, 25 or so comes over to give menus and take orders

way too good looking to be a waitress

beyond the shoulders blonde hair, pleasing personality, shapely

I’d like to know her story

suddenly I’m an investigative reporter 

at other tables businessmen on business accounts 

I order a steak which is too expensive but I’m not paying for it so hey…

jacket potato with the trimmings, salad, hot bread

all the women look like a checkerboard

red and black dresses, see and be seen

coming back to the table is a waiter 

maybe the waitress could read my thoughts

or discovered like lana turner hollywood film producer offered her a role

food brought to the table with proper presentation or so I was told

steak good, potato delicious, bread good, wash it down with a cold beer

probably should of ordered wine I guess to fit in

but I don’t like wine much and I’m the proverbial square peg

in a round hole world

nice but I felt out of place