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March 10, 2022

Graveyard Shift

white lights of I don’t have nobody illuminated across the city
offices all but empty except for the real workers who clean up

or call center reps who work until 2 or 3 am 

listening to the lonely and the desperate

it’s quiet in the building, only a few souls around

the busy buzzing of the drone bees who work

in the morning and afternoon having died down

less bosses around which is a good thing

the main workers having gone already

gone home to families, supper time, helping with homework

others to happy hours, 2 for 1 margaritas 

in wannabe cantinas with servers named Rosa

who hate their job but have two kids at home and no other income

after work is done at the center, empty streets await

maybe a drive-thru or two still open

Rosa on job number three will take your order

the traffic lights seem brighter

red lights just a suggestion at this hour

an occasional walker going somewhere

homeless, hopeless, hapless, something less

some soul walking unsure down streets of dark 

I see a dog walking and I’m more inclined to give it a ride

probably lost… maybe hungry, scared, unsure

looking for the familiar that rings a bell

a group of bushes, a tree, ah, a familiar house

in my neighborhood, few lights on

cars and trucks all settled in for the night