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November 1, 2021

Port Said Curios

the japanese man with the curio shop dark and cluttered
full of exotic treasures so he says

very valuable but for you a very good price

located on harbor street east port said

next to the docks

where the rough and tumblers

rough and tumble - drink and brawl

wait for an unsuspecting tourist to roll in a dark alley

of which there are as many

as there are suspicious characters lurking about 

imports from distant ports in the far east 

brought in by the big gray ships

that also brings in those looking to keep a low profile

rusting hulks of metal geometrically arranged 

large wicker baskets, trinkets

rings and things and dragon wings

delicate ceramic bells with scenes of old japan 

samurai swords and ceramic geisha girls

bundles of incense, burners

tiny buddahs medium buddahs jumbo buddahs 

buddhas out the yin yang