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October 29, 2021


when I got up this morning I was already down
I don’t welcome death but I’m not afraid of it either

the tea leaves floating around the red chipped cup 

were as confused as I was

they couldn’t make up their mind

they didn’t understand my paintings, they didn’t even try

a studio of dreams and inspirations, an outside world of indifference

lightning and thunder, come on in and have a seat in the living room

you want something to drink? I got everything...tequila?

this lazy afternoon was a time for staring blankly at a wall

I thought better of it and caught the bus for downtown

I wanted to drink until I would fall down face first in the street 

but unfortunately my equilibrium that night was unusually good

vague recollections of conversations, faces 

no recollections of names or why I felt I needed to be there

in the mexican restaurant the chili was caliente

but the cerveza mucho frio

my world was black moods and hard drinks

tonight I was too cool to care about being cool

past my prime, now sitting at 1am in a sketchy bar

hopes of anything positive coming my way long since vanquished

religiously taking my dosage of shots of tequila anesthesia

as prescribed by my doctor, I think 

ask your doctor if tequila is right for you