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October 11, 2021

Roll A Seven

I need a medicine man stat

somebody to tell me just where I’m at

where I’m going and I’ll leave it at that

cereal box compass don’t work no more

stumbling around in the castle dark

moving uneasy on the groaning floors

opening up all the wrong doors

deep into dungeons with racks awaiting

into rooms of doom

the sound of bagpipes echo throughout 

the empty chambers of my mind

I’m too numb to feel how I feel 

caught up in this painting of the surreal

down is up and up is down

looking for something to change the scenery 

change my fortune, alter my palm

gypsy I’m sure you must be reading it wrong

need to find some fantasia I need it fast

maybe I’ll find it in this reflective brandy glass

need to roll a seven, hit blackjack 

hit the long long shot at the racetrack

been holding the losing ticket way too long