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October 14, 2021

Dead In A Bathtub

I was doing some reading last night
bathtubs have been involved and implicated

with the deaths of a lot of people

jim morrison in paris anyone???? -- whitney houston, her daughter

the guy who played bass in the pretenders

many more unfortunates —lesser knowns 

no bathtubs have ever been brought up on charges 

second degree murder or manslaughter 

I think they should be charged at least 

with aiding and abetting 

being clean is overrated anyway

dirt under the nails is a good sign

a sign of hands in the soil - hard work 

farmers - auto mechanics - oil riggers

there was a somewhat known poet once 

who never wrote anything down

he wanted to be forgotten when he died

he did die and I can’t remember what the hell his name was

so by that measure he was successful 

then there was the guy who was huey lewis’ stepfather; wrote poetry

one day went off into the woods with a gun

they never found him or his body

no one knows for sure what happened to him

then there was hart crane going over the side of a cruise ship 

never found the body///mysterious 

kind of a romantic way to go — the unknown 

better than being found dead in a bathtub