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September 7, 2021

Black Cape

I wear my black cape when I wanna escape
become somebody I’m not

black hat completes the ensemble

it gives a certain devilish rogue aire, savoir faire

a don’t give a damn attitude

swaying in the wind, in the walk

walking down a path in the woods

so what sunday 

I don’t care monday 

ambivalent tuesday

who cares wednesday 

smh thursday

it doesn’t matter friday 

silly-ass themes saturday 

not getting bogged down by the rut

that’s always sticking its sticky fingers out for you

gotta get away gotta get away

then there are those who are stuck in a never ending 

monopoly game that is an eternal hell

of play money and rolling dice

playing out the string out of tune

thrashing about in a plane destined to crash

into an ocean or the side of a mountain 

or a monthly that tells you what to think and what to do

not boarding that flight, not subscribing to that magazine