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April 29, 2021

Your Mileage May Vary

sand and hills, nothing but sand and hills as far as I could see
in the fading new mexico twilight

there’s no experience quite like settling down in a strange city

done it before...many times

of course past performance does not guarantee future results

your mileage may vary

santa fe so far away

there you are moon... my indifferent friend

what have you done for me lately

cold and crisp autumn nights was the new sheriff in town 

it was fall and I longed for the forest

but I was far away from any wilderness now

the wilderness is unpredictable like I am

maybe why that’s why I liked it so much

summer comes and goes leaving scars and kisses

tranquil afternoons and late desperations

fall meant campfires and chilly night desolation

learned that happiness doesn’t keep regular hours

takes long weekends

often gone for weeks or months at a time

looked up harmony and it had an unlisted number

even if I found it, it wouldn’t pick up

or return my desperate messages