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April 26, 2021

A Day Outdoors

a leaf from a twisted tree
fluttered down and landed on me

like me, it had no idea where it was going 

it was odd looking kinda like me

it had been around the block a few times  

different colors...a mutt of a leaf

but I felt sorry for it like I feel sorry for myself sometimes 

but now was the time though for wood on fire 

orange embers, time well spent 

split ax splitting wood manly man

with my torn and faded red/black lumberjack  

black running pants and hiking boots  

never was a blue jeans kind of guy

knit hat pulled down almost over my eyes

cutting wood into little sections - easier to burn that way

graying white smoke drifting west then south then east then north

annoying all the neighbors  

an equal opportunity choking burning wood smoke

crack and pop crack and pop

sunshine go away will ya? I want a cloudy day 

here comes a big dark cloud

ah yes, that’s much better...

I like windy autumn days and cold winter nights

spring is so depressingly cheerful