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March 7, 2021

Hard Time

I have a hard time these days I really do
telling the difference between reality or if I was dreaming or hallucinating/////

imagining it all or was it real? I could swear it was real...

whether I’m really awake or lost in a space

a mumble-jumble time and place 

one of those continuum things scholars talk about 

or someone trying to sound like a metaphysical scholar

I could swear I saw something in person

but when I think about it

don’t really know if I saw it at all for real

it seemed so real at the time but now I’m not sure

was my mind playing tricks on me you naughty mind

maybe it’s visions of visions 

wake up and don’t know what’s real

wake up and smell the coffee

some days feeling so detached from reality

which may not be such a bad thing actually

this world is so crazy 

up is down left is right say the party line or else

an out of body experience 

an illusion that leads to confusion 

it’s all very strange - peculiar even

I feel perplexed-flummoxed 

— related—

can our spirit not age

even as our body becomes older and then decrepit 

what if there were no mirrors?

the spirit is always there even if seemingly diminished 

it is only when the brain malfunctions 

outer spirit seems to go awry 

inner spirit stays strong 

even if it doesn’t show 

does the spirit go on despite death of the shell

I believe it so