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January 23, 2021

Our Time

those were the days, right?
we owned the town or at least what we wanted of it

silver all around all around

world spinning around and round

living in the sub-underground

shiny silver earrings hanging down down down

the world is a clown clown

we did whatever we wanted to do

everything was for the art of it

we made up the rules and broke them

just made it up as we went

we didn’t care

some got it and some didn’t

but alas it just couldn’t last

now it’s in the distant shadowy past

we burned the candle at both ends

lost our money, lost our friends

you’re in a field of yellow and green

no longer on the scene

underground and all serene

gone... but your magic shadow hangs over

all that remains in one form or another

a dark cloud with a silver lining

can’t stop this occasional pining

but not much remains

it’s all dying off including me

what’s remember ain’t a fraction

of what happened and what was