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January 26, 2021

Jackson Pollack

it was a sparkling autumn day
far from the month of may... far far away

trees painted in gold and van gogh vermillion

I was sitting in the warmth of the sun

not getting much of anything done

if anything at all actually 

just soaking in the warm rays

enjoying a lazy do nothing day

a man walked by - sun behind him

behind him was his son 

just having his own kind of fun

doing all the things three or four year olds do

run, fall down, roll in the grass, laugh, yell

ran down a hill and fell

the father said “c’mon Jackson, let’s go!

Jackson! let’s go home”

I don’t know why but on the fly I said to him

“named after jackson pollock of course”

he looked at me and laughed 

“no, named after his grandfather”

as he walked away I thought 

it would have been far cooler

if the kid was named after jackson pollock