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September 2, 2020


so you wanna know my favorite mozart composition?
as I sip brandy from your fancy chalice
enjoying the lace curtains waltzing to the late afternoon breeze
surrounding the bay windows looking out onto the neatly manicured 
finely coiffed front lawn
on this pleasantly warm sunday afternoon in june 
in your living room decorated with delightful tapestries 
I’d have to say it's k 450 piano concerto no. 15 in b flat major
a truly outstanding piece of musicianship 
of course if you asked me my favorite shostakovich piece
or my preferred brahms work without me saying ‘that lullaby song”
if you inquired about my favorite mahler composition 
or that of a hundred other different composers
I’d have to say, uh…...his first symphony 
for any classical musician worth his weight in salt
has written a first symphony
so it’s difficult to not sound plausible with that answer
of course classical music has so many beautiful works
relegated to the dust bins by the element of non-coolness
the nouveau purveyors of what is hip and what isn’t 
‘long-hair’ music as it is has occasionally been referred to in the past
before the somewhat recent group of long hairs began doing music
hasn’t been hip for a century or so
it’s become something of an acquired taste
a steak tartare among the greasy hamburgers 
in this world of smothering fast food