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September 5, 2020

Brown County

route 135 out of circle city heading south 
through a lionless trafalgar
a west virginialess morgantown 
one stoplight not give a second thought to places
rolling into nashville but not that one 
indiana brown county 
downtown main street misty air
art galleries, antique shops, tourist stores 
shops with homemade quilts and afagans 
little wooden pick-up trucks, signs, animals
restaurants in the family for generations 
today’s special chicken and noodles 
I go for the roast beef and mashed potatoes 
old people maybe making their last visit here
an annual autumn pilgrimage 
park accommodations a-frame firewood on the porch
back deck nestled in among the oak, hickory, maple residents
eating the edible fruit from the paw paw
black cherry, red elm, black elm
sassafras - white elm, purple elm (I just made that one up cuz I like purple)
sycamores with candle light burning bright
the country air wears you out 
up early one morning; deer walking past the kitchen window
and this city tough guy is eight years old again  
marveling at the marvelous mother nature’s creatures 
the wednesday rain just adds more atmosphere