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August 16, 2020

Hey Witch Doctor!

hey witch doctor can you help me?
I’m blind with fever, I can’t see
all night long I’ve been leaning on this tree
they never taught this stuff in psychology

maybe you can place some kind of spell
throw some ashes onto a shell
I feel like I’ve been under a type of death knell
it’s too early in my evening to say farewell

I know some folks don’t believe in you
they don’t believe in your magic but I do I do
the powers of the secret world are true
give me a cup of that home brew

they’ve given up on me, left me for dead
but I heard some voices speaking in my head
there’s no fear here, nothing to dread
over the sacred healing bones I have bled

what do I care, I got nothing to lose
got 5600 miles on these shoes
smoked a lot of cigarettes and drank a lot of booze
now I’m ready for my breakthroughs

into this jungle I have crept
many nights I have wept
I’ve been so tired, I haven’t slept
whatever my destiny I’ve got to accept