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August 13, 2020

Farmer's Market

farmers market small town u.s.a.
dirty overalls and straw hats
shuffle aisle to aisle like field mice in a maze
elderly ladies with short gray hair and a stoop
wearing old cotton print dresses
apples, watermelons, corn on the cob, tomatoes
coca-cola vending machine getting a workout
thump-bumpa-thump cold refreshment
it’s a hot humid afternoon, maybe rain later
old pickup trucks with bald tires
old bald men who tire easily with very little pickup these days
golden dust clouds rising from the parking lot
like smoke from burning incense 
swirling and twirling drifting into nothingness 
as the trucks drive away from the dirt parking lot 
onto the two lane state road
farmhouses with a swing on the porch
lemonade or iced tea in the fridge await
here are intrepid garage salers on the way home 
from picking up their bargains, antiques and antooks 
old country and western records, a ceramic cow, an afagan 
all the things one can’t live without
parents out for their highlight of the day 
little kids bored out of their skulls
a teenage boy with some kind of hat
sitting in a car listening to a baseball game on the radio
somebody’s winning 4-2 in the fifth inning
wing place next door doing good business
$7.50 for 10 wings and fries