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July 31, 2020

Persistence Like Water

if you want something and want it bad enough 
be persistent like water and wear down that stone
everybody’s the same—death awaits all of us
we’re all on the same level there
so go ahead and make plans
but be ready to call an audible if the need arises 
have a backup plan and a backup plan for that
instead of being a creature of habit 
be a creature of the night
don’t be afraid of spontaneity 
if you’ve got something to do, do it now
deal with the difficult while it’s still easy
a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step they say
walk your own path, don’t let others determine your journey 
take the high road-the scenic view
show some compassion but not be a sucker to be taken advantage of
have some humility, get off your high horse 
be a better horse 
racehorse, war horse, talking horse
don’t misunderstand your problems
life ain’t as hard as most people make it
stop complicating things— being a drama queen

don’t act the fool—be the king of cool