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June 15, 2020

Unfortunate Twist Of Fate

back in school you walked around with hair really big
you thought highly of yourself, you know you did
now you’re a single mom with a two year old kid
you just can’t believe how far you’ve slid

you bragged that you dated the high school quarterback 
you thought you were riding on the fast track
all he cared about is getting you in the sack 
when trouble arose he left and he ain’t coming back

now that you think about it he was always kind of smarmy
you took a chance with him and now you’re sorry
you do your shopping now down at the salvation army 
he sure wasn’t no ken and you ain’t no barbie 

you got bills to pay so ya say your rent is late
that modeling career you fancied for yourself will have to wait
you don’t like the unfortunate twist of fate
you gotta admit your life right now ain’t so great

you wish you could hit a button and reset
the rain came down hard and you got all wet
what you got you certainly weren’t planning to get
you’d like to throw the dice but you ain’t got nothing to bet

so now you’re waiting for that white knight on a horse
sent by some kind of magical fairytale source
some kind of mystical supernatural force
you’re looking for a way to change your course