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June 17, 2020


I have rendered a verdict your honor
it is the opinion of this jury of one
that society has failed me
I’ve slipped through the cracks 
my boat wasn’t watertight when launched 
obviously a design flaw
water has breached my hull
I’m listing to the starboard side
CQD SOS nobody monitoring the wireless
it certainly can't be my fault 
my parents didn't raise me right 
I never had a generous benefactor 
never knew the right people
here I am sinking deeper and deeper
can’t launch the lifeboats 
CQD SOS anybody
I don’t know my position 
I don’t know where I’m standing 
blow the man down matey 
the water is cold and unforgiving 
it rises— unforgiving
the flying dutchman has crossed my path
it’s dark on this new moon night
a life jacket made of concrete 
an anchor around my ankle
what’s meant to be will be
I shall surrender to the sea